Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Mother of Pearl jewelry, also known as nacre, is the lining seen on the inside of the shells of some mollusks. It is a white to pinkish iridescent layer that the inhabitant finds easy to glide on top of. Oysters are a major source of Mother of Pearl for the purposes of jewelry.

Mother of Pearls jewelry goes in and out of fashion over the decades, but is very closely associated with great-grandmothers and the 1920’s It tends to be jewelry that older women prefer. This might be because younger women are unaware of it and its ghostly luster.

Pearls are created from the same substance that makes up Mother of Pearl, but Mother of Pearl is easier to garner and is therefore cheaper. However, when it is presented correctly by an expert, it is a wondrous sight. Real Mother of Pearl seems to have depth.

Being pearl in color, Mother of Pearl jewelry matches very well with silver. In fact, it matches better with silver than with gold, the two most preferred metals used in jewelry throughout the ages. This offsets the price of the Mother of Pearl, making it truly rather affordable.

trendy mother of pearl jewelry

Mother of Pearl jewelry is very soft and so easily scratched. On the Mohs scale of hardness it is about 3.5. Window glass is 5 and diamonds 10. Therefore, a craftsman working with nacre has to be very cautious. This softness makes it simple to cut, but easy to damage too.

Natural Mother of Pearl Jewelry

If you like natural Mother of Pearl jewelry, you will be limited to white and pinks to brown. However, nacre is easily dyed so you will find it in practically any and every color. Not everybody wants it in non-natural colors though.

Mother of Pearl Sets

If you are buying nacre in a setting, the thing to look out for is the bond between the Mother of Pearl jewelry and the metal. Is there a visible gap between the two? If so, there is a pretty good likelihood that the nacre will come loose and fall out over time. If you are sure that you are looking at real nacre, this is the number one problem of bad workmanship.

How to Distinguish Fake and Real

However, there is also the difficulty of fake nacre. It is not uncommon, however if you compare real nacre and fake nacre, the fake will stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, it is worth borrowing some genuine nacre to take with you if you are in the market for it.

pretty pink mother of pearl jewelry

Nacre is so soft it takes some looking after. Nacre should not be allowed to come into contact with any other objects because most things are harder than it. It will easily scratch, chip and flake, so wrap it separately whilst you are not wearing it.

If you have an expensive piece, you should have it cleaned professionally as there are no cleaners that you can buy that will not be harmful if applied incorrectly. It is better to pay a little more than harm a lovely item of Mother of Pearl jewelry

Gift Ideas

Most women in their fifties and up consider mother of pearl sets as great gifts since pearls symbolize elegance and class. These women are highly respected and looked up on society and giving them jewelry sets made of pearls will highlight their finesse and show their wisdom to the society. You can find many pieces of different varieties and designs to suit every woman’s personality especially the elderlies. They will look classy and timeless wearing those elegant accents that will complement every dress they wear.

The Making of True Pearls

The mechanism of making of pearls starts from the soil collected by the mollusks inside their shells. Mollusks are sea creatures that belong to the soft and hard shell family. They are often called ‘clams’. These clams emit a fluid that coats the dirt and over time the fluid hardens along with the soil trapped. The fluid is called ‘mother-of-pearl’ because this is the very substance that makes the real pearls. As the fluid thickens and hardens, it will create a bulge and eventually it will become the precious pearl that is also considered a valuable jewel.

buy affordable mother of pearl jewelry wholesale

Because this natural process of making a true pearl will take years to form, man has studied ways in meeting the demands for real pearls in shortest possible time. The result of the high demand created the industry of farmed freshwater and saltwater pearls.

The creation of the pearls will still involve the clams and oysters to coat the dirt particle but this time, there will be a human intervention. A seed is put into each clam or oyster and the whole process of growing it into pearls will take one year.

True Pink Pearls

Pink mother of pearl jewelry is a popular choice in women’s jewelry. Usually, true and genuine pearls have white pigmentation but some pearls are made pink.

Pink pearls happen because the pigmentation of oysters and mussels in pearl farms due to water conditions has resulted in a slightly colored pearl. Luckily, the color is pale pinkish which also has become a huge hit among pearl lovers.

More and more pearl farms w ventured in the industry that the demands have been constantly met. Aside from farming pearls, man is still developing new ways to improve the quality and variety of the pearls they produce. Thus, the supply of pearls can now be afforded by women of all statuses in the society.

True Black Pearls

Black mother of Pearl jewelry are a fantastic jewelry selection. These pieces are for a discriminating palate; these who see outside the box. Black pearls are available in unique hues, sizes and shapes as other pearls do, but seem to present a specified aura as they are worn. Several of the colors that this attractive pearl are available in are, black Tahitian, dyed-black, silver-black, and the preferred black mother of pearl ring.

gorgeous black mother of pearl jewelry

These rings bring their own statement, and to the wearer it says that they’ve arrived in style. Black pearl rings also exude class, sass, and pizazz! They come in several different settings for example gold, silver, gold and silver over-tones collectively, and bronze. The black pearl is usually set on the sides or in the middle of the ring itself. Either way presents a spectacular display.

Mother of pearl jewelry wholesale has for time now been a preserve of china. China has worldwide fashion jewelry retailers, distributors and suppliers in all corners of the world. This has been primarily so given the extensive production of mother of peals jewelry in China. China has invested greatly in this sector resulting to massive production hence their supply of the same. This is again backed by the quality of china’s mother of pills jewelry making them the worlds most demanded hence their control in production and distribution of the same worldwide.

You can search online or go to the nearest jewelry shops to find the best crafted jewelry to give to your loved one or to yourself as a reward for all your hard work. Investing in true pearls is also a great investment since pearls are valuable jewels that can gain higher value of the course of time.

Mirrored Coffee Table

Mirrored furniture is popular with decorators for a number of reasons. Mirrored tables can work with a wide range of decorating schemes. They come in virtually all shapes and sizes. A mirrored coffee table may be the perfect addition to your living room.

 mirrored coffee table

Why you should buy a mirrored coffee table, you may ask.

  • First, a mirrored coffee table has the ability to create an illusion of additional space. If you’re working with a relatively small area and would like the room to seem larger than it actually is, a mirrored table may be an ideal room addition.
  • Second, a round mirrored coffee table works with a number of different decorating contexts. You can find a mirrored designer coffee table that will fit perfectly in an elegant environment or in a sleek, modern room. They’re a surprisingly flexible decorating option.

 round mirrored coffee table

  • Third, an antique mirrored coffee table adds a strong visual element to rooms that more traditional wood tables cannot match. Sure, you could pick one of the several styles of standard, wood oval coffee tables for your room, but none of them will reflect light and other room highlights quite like a table featuring a mirror.

There’s no shortage of coffee table options. You can find these accent tables in virtually every shape and size. If you’d like an oval mirrored coffee table, you can get one that will fit your space perfectly. Obviously, the traditional rectangle design is the most common, but mirrored tables are also found in circular and oval shapes. Their popularity with professional designers has also encouraged construction of tables with mirrors in non-traditional shapes that may work well in some rooms.

 antique mirrored coffee table

Manufacturers produce the tables in all popular styles. Whether you’re going for an art deco look or a minimalist statement, you’ll find the right table. If you can’t find the ideal option for your needs, you’ll have your choice of multiple companies that are happy to produce a custom table for your living room.

The wide range of table options brings with it an equally wide range in terms of pricing. You can find basic, mid-sized mirrored tables in major department stores for under $150. Alternatively, you can purchase a large art piece from a recognized designer for well over $10,000. Most buyers, of course, will choose an option that falls somewhere between those two ends of the price spectrum. Generally speaking, a mirrored coffee table will cost slightly more than a similarly constructed non-mirrored option.

 oval mirrored coffee table

Coffee tables with mirrors can be an outstanding addition to virtually any living room. They work with many styles and are available to meet almost any homeowner’s needs. You can find the tables at a number of different price points. If you’re in need of a modern mirrored coffee table, you owe it to yourself to look into mirrored coffee table options.

You may want to check out at least five or more furniture outlets before you decide which the right one for you is. Flea market is also a good place to find a good bargain. People sell their old furniture because it doesn’t work for them but it may work for your home. The price difference is quite big, brand new furniture is always pricy compared to old used furniture.

Most of the old furniture may need a little repair or repainting jobs which you can probably do on your own. This can be a good project for you to work on. You may choose any color that would compliment your house or apartment as a whole.

Modern Coffee Tables

The world is changing and so is the way we design our homes. We all like to have modern furniture in our homes as our home gives out a strong statement about what we are. In such a day and age where even the furniture says a lot about us, modern coffee tables can pretty much define a modern day living room as they give a perfect blend of both class and modern thinking. Although some us would prefer to use antique coffee tables in a modern settings. Modern glass coffee tables are very light pieces of furniture, which represent utility and style unlike the older designs which used to be out right imposing.

 modern coffee tables

You are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to buying modern coffee tables for sale. There are loads of options when it comes to the material used itself.

  • You can go for a cheap modern coffee tables designed with pine or bamboo. They give an unfailingly eco-friendly look to your home and can do their job both in the living room and the garden.
  • You can also go for a modern coffee table made of glass which will add a feeling of luxury to your living room. The modern wood coffee tables with dark colors go a long way in showing a down to the business kind of attitude. So you see how a modern coffee table can do a lot of talking on your behalf. This is what makes it a necessity for your living room.

 modern glass coffee tables

  • Another reason why you should go for modern coffee tables is the fact that they also come with similar modern side tables. This means that you don’t have to go around the town looking for furniture that matches your coffee table.
  • You can also go for one of those contemporary end coffee tables which are fast becoming a favorite among buyers because of the authentic feeling they give to your living room.
  • Another benefit with the modern coffee tables is the fact that they can be moved around easily due to their light weight. This is one feature that most people ignore while buying furniture but tend to realize it only after they have their furniture in their living rooms. This feature comes in handy when you have to clean your living room.

 modern coffee tables for sale

These modern coffee tables can be moved around very easily for cleaning and they also allow you to experiment with the setting of your furniture far more easily. Some modern coffee tables are designed very intelligently which can actually be expanded or contracted as per the current requirements. With so many benefits and your reputation at stake, a modern coffee table is something you cannot afford to miss on.

 cheap modern coffee tables

Modern coffee tables are not only used when drinking coffee alone. It is also use as a study table or working table. Some also use the coffee table to set drinks, stash magazines, organize remotes or maybe use to display table top accessories. People are being creative and practical these days because of the high price of living. People should also be competitive all the time in order to stay in the game. After a hard day’s work it would be nice to just sit back and relax drink a good cup of coffee. Read the news or magazine for the latest buzz.

Shop now and find your very own coffee table where you can sit down and drink that freshly brewed coffee. Make sure that it would complement the whole setting of your living room and the price is right up your budget.

Marshalls Paving

Marshalls paving is renowned in Britain for the value of their Marshalls paving slabs. Marshalls sells a wide range of paving products. They have many different styles and designs and paving patterns with various kinds of Marshalls paving slabs and blocks in several different materials and styles.

 marshalls paving

Customer Service is Number One

Marshalls is also a very customer oriented company and will help any customer find contractors to install the Marshalls paving products and follows a set of very strict rules to decide which contractors they advocate as part of the Marshalls Register of Approved Contractors list. Marshalls gives a complete guarantee on any work carried out which covers materials and labor.

They also have locations all over Europe where you can have your paving stones delivered in only a few hours. If you are not in Europe, Marshalls still extend their products to those interested, just go to their overseas assistance department and they will help you get such quality paving products.

 marshalls paving blocks

Price equals Quality

Marshalls paving blocks prices may cost a bit more than some of the other brands, but you get what you pay for and getting the best first is worth the peace of mind of a few extra dollars or pounds. However, their prices for natural paving stones are considered rather expensive. The only slight downside is the prices for their natural paving stone range.

Marshalls block paving products include their new permeable paving range that allows the rain to pass through it and safely drain away. Besides these, they have several different building materials you can choose from you paving needs. Their products are all constructed to meet or exceed current industry standards for paving materials.

 marshalls paving slabs

New Sustainable Products that are Eco-Friendly

Marshalls stone paving is aware of the need for making eco-friendly products as well and has adopted a sustainability approach to making its Marshalls paving slabs and other materials. They are even in the running for this year’s Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year. This year they introduced a sustainable driveway system that is said to be carbon neutral! It is called the Bioverse system and it maximizes the absorption of carbon and eventually becomes carbon neutral in nature.

Marshalls paving wide range of natural sandstone is ethically sourced and available in a range of colors and finishes to suit any house type. Marshalls paving blocks has the paving range to complement your project and exceed the expectations of you and your client. Over the years they have been creating products that would suit the consumer’s needs and more. They want to transforms every homes patio and garden in an attractive modern blend of British granite aggregates and paving slabs which are cast from genuine reclaimed Yorkstone to give that realistic stone look.

 marshalls block paving

All in all, Marshalls paving products are some of the best in the industry and are what customers are turning to for both style, beauty, and value as well as being an eco-friendly company that cares about the sustainability of our world. So check out today either online or in any Marshall shop near you. They will surely show you all the paving products that would suit your needs at an affordable price. They can also help you design your patio and garden or maybe redesign your old garden to a more sophisticated design. So you can enjoy having barbeque with the family or friends when the time allows. You may also enjoy a little gardening from time to time and harvest a few fresh flowers from your own produce.

Sweet Scents of Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles have been known to affect our moods and promote well-being through the uses of essential oils which stimulate the senses. Aromatherapy itself is an alternative medicine practice that uses specific botanical oils and essences to help treat common ailments and avoid illness. The candles also follow the basic principles used in aromatherapy to create an aromatherapy candle that has soothing and healing effects.

 aromatherapy candles

Because of their convenience, versatility, and decorative nature, there has been an upsurge in the sale of aromatherapy candles over the past few decades. Swan creek candles are one of the top sellers when it comes to candle category. Many use them to enhance the decor of a room as well as to create a specific atmosphere. A really good aromatherapy candle can whisk you away to a relaxing spa environment without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. The type of benefit you will get from a scented candle will depend on the essential oil used in creating it. Here are some of the more basic, yet popular scents used:

  • Lavender aromatherapy candles are at the top of the list as a beneficial scented candle. It soothes and relaxes, is known to alleviate stress, nervous disorders, anxiety, and has been used in treating headaches. Used at night, it can promote sleep in those who may be having difficulty falling asleep.

 aromatherapy soy candles

  • Aside from cinnamon being boiled down and used as a candle itself, cinnamon aromatherapy candles have been used to help combat fatigue, calm the nerves, and make one more alert and aware.
  • Citrus scents such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit are used to help brighten the mood and invigorate the mind. It has an uplifting, clean scent and has also been used in alleviating stress. Lemon is said to help greatly in enhancing one’s concentration.
  • Another old time favorite is Vanilla. The sweet aroma has been reported to work as a natural aphrodisiac. It gives of a soothing, warming scent that can comfort and relax a person.
  • Rose aromatherapy candles have been used by women for decades as it is believed to have calming benefits as well as help balance out the hormones.
  • Sandalwood is a scent that has been used for centuries by spiritual people the world over. It has been used for meditative purposes because of its ability to calm and relax the nerves and mind. It is also said to lift the effects of depression and soothe feelings of irritableness.

 best aromatherapy candles

Soy wax has become a popular alternative to paraffin wax in the making of aromatherapy candles. Soy wax is a renewable source and less costly than using beeswax. Aromatherapy soy candles burn slower, making them last longer. They also burn at a much lower temperature than paraffin based aromatherapy candles. This allows the scent to be distributed more evenly rather than giving off a powerful scent all at once. They also burn more cleanly. It has been said that paraffin free candles make for the best aromatherapy candles options out there.

 lavender aromatherapy candles

How to make scented candles

The following are steps on how to make your own scented candles.

  • Melt the wax in a double boiler.
  • Add the desired dyes and fragrances.
  • Insert a wick into the mold making sure the wick is held securely in place. You can secure the wick with a tiny bit of wax or you can tie one end of the wick to a stick and suspend the wick above the mold.
  • Pour the wax into the mold. Let the wax cool and then trim the wick to the correct length.

Now that you know how to make scented candles, you can experiment to find your favorite combinations of containers and scents

A Closer Look Into Swan Creek Candles

Swan creek candles have been a leading choice for homeowners for many years now because of their unique and lingering scents. The candles are made from American soybean wax, a natural ingredient which gives them a two-in-one benefit that can be taken advantage of by people looking for candles that offer something more than a good scent. It is also common to find the candles being sold in various outlet stores in many parts of the country with some stores being found online for buyers seeking to make a purchase from the comfort of their home.

 swan creek candles

Swan creek candles are available in different styles as well as sizes, and can be bought alongside candle holders and various accessories. Shoppers interested in buying the candles should be aware that they are normally bought in wholesale but can be sold to retailers at a minimum amount with the shipping also being offered when order reaches a certain amount. Swan creek candles wholesale makes up majority of the sales by the company since the establishment of the family owned business in Ohio many years ago for the benefit of the company and its customers.

Benefits of Swan Creek Candles

  • Eco-friendly – Swan creek soy candles are made from renewable material which ensures that they do not contribute to air pollution. They are also lead free and do not produce any soot when burning which make them a good choice for the home or commercial places. In addition, they last long depending on the type of candle bought from the collections.

 swan creek soy candles

  • Assorted fragrances – Candles from Swan Creek are available in a number of fragrances which are divided into sections such as herbal clean, harvest holiday, gourmet, aromatherapy, and fruit and floral. The candles are used for the holiday as well as fall seasons and can be bought from the various collections that are sold in various stores.
  • Elegant containers – The packaging of the candles in beautiful containers is one of their most popular features because they provide buyers with an opportunity to select different sizes and styles. Homeowners can also buy more than type of container to enhance the appearance of their home while enjoying unique fragrances.
  • Fair prices – The quality of the candles by Swan Creek is generally fair for the quality offered with most of their customers using them for many years. Nevertheless, the candles that make up the collections have varied prices to allow customers to purchase the ones that they can afford.

 swan creek candles coupons

  • Discount coupons – Although the candles are fairly priced there are some people that are not able to buy them regularly. However, the availability of swan creek candles coupons makes it possible for them to buy their favorite candles at discounted prices from the various online stores that stock them.

There are a lot of styles of candles to choose from and Swan Creek candles are a good inspiration because of their adorable look. You, too, can make your candles inside of pottery and glass jars. Just keep in mind that the most important part of making scented candles is choosing the scent you want and the amount of fragrance to add to your candle. Here are tips on how to make scented candles at home.

  • Type of mold – There are many possibilities for a container for your candle. For example, pottery, glassware, and tin cans make charming candle holders. Make sure the container you use is made of a material that can withstand high temperatures. If you want to use a plastic candle holder, for example, you can use a heat-resistant mold to make the candle and then remove the candle from the mold after the wax has cooled.

 swan creek soy candles wholesale

  • Type of wax – This choice can be made based on the price of the wax or personal preference. Paraffin wax is the most common type of wax used in candles but other types of wax such as beeswax have their own distinct scent.
  • Type and amount of fragrance – You could use pre-scented wax but if you want more flexibility to create your own scent, use fragrance oils that you can add to unscented wax. Deciding which scents to combine as well as the amount of fragrance to add can require some experimentation. There is a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added before the candle will no longer burn cleanly or safely so be careful not to add too much fragrance. A little bit of fragrant oils is perfect.

Overall, using swan creek candles at home or for an event in a commercial space is an experience like no other because of their intense fragrance that change the mood of a room almost instantly.

Selection and Maintenance Tips for Wood Coffee Table

Do you want a coffee table that’s elegant and adds character to your living room? Then the wood coffee table it should be. This is a coffee table that features a sturdy construction which makes it last long and remain as elegant as possible for a long time.

 wood coffee table

Selection Tips

The solid wood coffee table is available in a number of styles and shapes. So, before you make a purchase, here are some factors that you can consider in making the right choice.

  • Desired shape – Coffee tables made of wood are available in a number of shapes ranging from square to rectangle, wedge to triangle and round to oval. However, the square wood coffee table is nice and fits perfectly in most settings. The choice among all these shapes is influenced by the shape of the other furniture that you have in your living room.

 rustic wood coffee table

  • Right size– Apart from shape, the other thing that you really want to consider is the size of the coffee table relative to the available space in your living room. If you have less space, you can choose small coffee tables as opposed to a big one. However, if space is not a limitation, you can have bigger coffee table.
  • Ideal color – Although the coffee tables are available in a number of colors, the black wood coffee table seems to be the most popular. This is because black has some qualities that are very desirable like the fact that it is easy to maintain and keep in condition.
  • Perfect style – Do you want a style that works well with neutral décor in your home? The rustic wood coffee table could be your ticket. Besides, it adds some elegance into your living room, making the overall feel to be comfortable and enjoyable.

 square wood coffee table

Maintenance Tips

Unlike coffee tables made of glass or marble, the wood coffee tables are prone to a number of factors that affect their appearance and functionality. Here are some maintenance tips that you can use.

  • For heat stains on the wooden coffee table tops, you can remove them by washing and drying the surface very well. Alternatively, you can use beeswax to remove such stains.
  • To clean the grease stains, you should use salt to absorb the grease. Regularly change the salt after it gets saturated with grease.

 solid wood coffee table

  • To remove candle wax, the best way is to make them hard first with ice and then scrap it off with a soft item so as not to damage the finish. After you have removed the bulk, you can remove the remaining wax with a soft silk cloth.

Other than that, ensure that your wood coffee table is regularly cleaned and dusted, and polish it from time to time using olive oil to keep is in shiny condition. There is no denying of the fact that this wood table yields a special kind of ambiance that only wood furniture can offer. So, why not try to incorporate this feeling in your living room with the wood table?

Multipurpose and Quality Small Coffee Tables

Have you ever noticed those little tables which are commonly placed in the center or in front of almost all sofa sets? These are the small coffee tables. But more than just serving coffee, they certainly add style and beauty to your furniture set. Some even serve as a multipurpose table to keep small items or hold display pieces such as vases or lamp shades.

 small coffee tables

The Functions or Uses Of Coffee Tables

These coffee tables serve many purposes and these are stated below.

  • Used to serve coffee, snacks and light meals to guestsWith coffee tables, your guests no longer need to move away from the sofa and get to the kitchen or dining area just to enjoy some snack or a light meal. With the help of these tables, they can be served right in front of your guests.

 coffee tables for small spaces

  • To hold vases and other displays – The main purpose of households when buying these tables is to actually accent or improve the appearance of the living area wherever they are placed. Flower vases, magazines, candles, etc are the most common displays used. On the other hand, the coffee tables for small spaces are commonly situated on corners holding various kinds of potteries or ceramics and lamp shades.
  • They are used as an extra storage unit – Some of these tables feature smaller shelves, drawers or cabinets that also serve as extended storage units for your smaller items.

Different Types and Styles

The different types and styles of small coffee tables are as follows.

  • Wood or reclaimed wood coffee tables– These are the tables made out of wood. Wood is always preferred because of its classy and natural beauty. These are also the types that could feature cabinet, shelves, or drawers underneath them. For the reclaimed ones, it simply means recycled.

 small round coffee tables

  • Small glass coffee tables– Glass is used for the more modern or contemporary designs. Some of the best artists can create a coffee table from pure glass, but majority of the pieces you can see on furniture shops usually have steel or aluminum frames.
  • Woven water hyacinth or wicker table– If you are truly inclined with beauty and art, you will find the coffee tables made out of woven hyacinth or wicker extremely gorgeous. They project a more natural and unique style fit for resorts, vacation houses, and the outdoors.
  • Trunk coffee tables– One of the unique styles creating a buzz for meticulous consumers right now are those mini tables crafted out of old and genuine or replica trunks.
  • Antique coffee tables– If you are an antique lover, there are also several antique coffee tables being offered locally or perhaps, on auctioning sites.

 small glass coffee tables

Tips When Buying Small Coffee Tables

Purchasing these tables will be easier when you follow these tips.

  • Choose a table style that would fit your living room’s existing motif and design.
  • Avoid the glass types if you have a bunch of playful children at the house.
  • If space is a concern at your house, choose smaller tables or those that feature extra shelves or compartments for storage. When compared, the small round coffee tables save more space than the box type or rectangular ones.
  • Inspect the table for hidden defects including minor lines and scratches lying on the glass surface.
  • Choose a more durable or weatherproof material if you are to use it outdoors.

With all the options available on the market, you can always find a perfect coffee table that will match your interior’s design.

A Guide to Lift Top Coffee Table

Are you looking for a versatile and functional table to fit the various needs in your house? The lift top coffee table could be your answer. Unlike the traditional coffee tables, this table has an adjustable height to suit various needs in your living room. Besides, it is available in numerous designs that can be used to greatly enhance the interior décor of your home.

 lift top coffee table

The Features and Advantages

Unlike the traditional coffee table, the modern lift top coffee table has various features that give it an edge. These additional features are both functional and aesthetic, which include:

  • Versatility – Due to the fact that the height is adjustable, this table can be used in the living room and dining room alike for different tasks. It can be used normally as a coffee table, a TV stand or even as a study table.

black lift top coffee table

  • Storage benefits – The coffee table with lift top offers more storage advantages than the ordinary tables. Additional features such as extra compartments and drawers provide extra space to store items such as remote controls, books, magazines and kids toys. Therefore, all the things that you regularly use are concentrated in one area, making their accessibility easy.
  • Styles and shapes – The lift top coffee table is available in a number of styles and shapes, and made of various materials. As for shapes, from rectangle to square and round to oval, you are sure to get the exact shape that you want. Even the wedge shape is available.

coffee table with lift top

  • Very ideal even with kids – Since this table is adjustable, it can be used with kids without any difficulty. You just have to adjust the height to the kid’s convenience. Alternatively, you can go for small coffee tables that are very comfortable with kids.

Uses of Lift Top Coffee Table

The lift top coffee table is made of materials such as wood, marble and glass. All these materials can be made into elegant tables, which have high aesthetic appeal in your house. They are also available in a wide array of fun colors, the most popular being the black lift top coffee table. As for their uses, they can be used in the following applications:

  • Eating meals at home at a comfortable height. Whether in the dining room or the living room, this table is extremely convenient.
  • Working on your laptop. When you are not dining, you can use the coffee table to do your projects on your laptop easily and comfortably.
  • Kids can play with their toys on top comfortably as it can be adjusted to their height.

modern lift top coffee table

  • Handy storage of DVDs, books, remote controls, magazines and most other items. Presence of drawers makes it easy for you to store such items easily.

These coffee tables are extremely versatile and functional. Having one in your home will surely be an advantage to you and your family.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Table

Decorating your living space can be a difficult process. You have to factor in so many things that it can get overwhelming at times. You have to take into account the size of the room and the type of furniture you will be putting into it. One of those many choices is making sure you choose the right coffee table. Following some simple tips on how to choose the best coffee table can make this part of the process much easier.

 how to choose the best coffee table

  • The first part of how to choose the best coffee table is to take into account the size of your living room. If this is the first time decorating it is important that you know the size of the room before heading to the store. Write down the measurements of the room and take a small tape measure with you. Then you can measure all of the furniture along with the table to make sure everything will fit. Many stores have a whole living room set up as a display to help judge the size.
  • The second part of how to choose the best coffee table is to ensure you remember any immovable objects such as a fireplace or dividing wall that is in the room. At this point, a picture might come in handy. You can refer to the picture when trying to figure out the best place for a coffee table along with your other furniture. This will also help judge the size of the coffee table.

 small coffee tables

  • If you already have the furniture and just need a new coffee table. Then the third step in how to choose the best coffee table is right for you. Again, this is when a picture comes in handy. This might sound like a hassle, but it cuts down on the risk of buying something to big or awkward to fit into your space. A table might look just fine in the store but when you get it home you realize you have bought the wrong size. Furniture can be moved but if the coffee table is to big then no amount of moving can help.

If you have a small living room or one with many immovable obstacles it might be best to look for small coffee tables. Depending on the size of the table, it can either be placed in the center of the room or just to the side of the furniture to ensure that the living area does not get too cluttered. Having a living room that is full of furniture is not practical and not functional. Choosing the right kind of coffee table can make all of the difference in your decorating process.